Monday, March 8, 2010

This blog never got a chance to get off the ground and no one reads it, so I'll probably close this soon. Last update: RIP Pearl! Pearl died in a motorcycle crash on 7/12/2009. Luckily, I did not. But, I did spend a week in the hospital with two broken arms, a broken jaw, a nasty ankle sprain, and a few stitches and broken teeth, etc. I am incredibly lucky that after 2 months - 3 months I was completely healed and back to normal! The bike was trashed. The frame was badly bent, the front end was toast, the tank was crunched. I suppose anything is fixable, but since I'm out of work, spending money on a motorcycle is not really an option for me. Also the girlfriend was NOT jazzed about me riding again. I sold the bike to the folks at Works Engineering, hopefully a part or two or Pearl lives on in one of their race bikes. RIP! One day, there will be another..