Monday, September 22, 2008

After a bit of troubleshooting on the ignition path I determined the right-side condenser was bad, so I replaced it today. The right-side exhaust still expels cool air, but the bike doesn't die immediately when I pull the left plug. So I think the right cylinder is running, but perhaps not very well. A timing/valve adjustment may be in order.
This week's new issue is with the clutch. The bike always dies when I put it in 1st from neutral unless I have the throttle open a bit. Also it seems to require a couple of taps to get it into 1st, seeming to catch somewhere in the middle. Lastly, the other day it was creeping forward when I was trying to get it into 1st gear with the handlebar clutch lever fully engaged. I guess I'll try adjusting the tension on the clutch cable as that is fairly straightforward.
Ah, the joys of owning a vintage bike! Actually, it's not so bad. I enjoy troubleshooting the bike and I can still ride it around. My riding skills are improving, hopefully I'll feel confident enough to take Pearl out for a medium length trip before the riding season is over here in the NorthEast.

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